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At Gliocas we’re taking the wisdom we’ve gathered over decades of experience in the corporate world and offering it to small businesses, nonprofits, and churches. We’re doing this because we want to help others create positive change in the world.

Organizations often get stuck and are then overwhelmed by the noise of shortcuts, gimmicks, and the promise of quick fix solutions. Our experience and insights cut through the noise. We don’t offer random solutions in hopes that one will stick, nor do we offer easy solutions for the sake of being easy. We find solutions that work, even if they’re difficult, and we help you achieve success.



Whether you need a plan for a startup, a new strategy for your existing organization, or realignment with your current strategy, we can help.


Finances are the backbone of any organization. We offer financial consulting services that help you maximize revenue or donations and cut waste.


Many organizations are stuck or have plateaued when it comes to growth. Our growth strategies maximize existing resources and help you develop new resources to get you moving again.



The 21st Century requires a new approach to marketing. We offer the latest in inbound marketing strategies centered around digital and social media.


Clyde R. Moore

President & CEO
Mr. Clyde R. Moore served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of multiple companies. He has a wealth of Fortune 500 experience in implementing technology transformations. Mr. Moore has been an Independent Director of The Kroger Co., since 1997. He served as the Chairman of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, former Regional Vice Chairman and Director of the National Association of Manufacturers. He holds a BS from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, as well as an MBA from the Arizona State University-Tempe.

Chris Moore

Vice President
Chris has years of corporate experience, from Fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses. He’s experienced in management, administration, customer service, and human resources. He holds degrees from Christian Brothers University and Scottsdale Community College. Chris has run a number of marathons and is dedicated to serving the community through volunteerism.

Rob Rynders

As a consultant for churches and nonprofits Rob has a passion for being a connector who coaches professional and volunteer leaders and teams around innovative ideas, projects, events, and partnerships. Rob brings strategic planning, fundraising, networking, adaptive leadership, writing, and public speaking skills to organizations and movements focused on positively impacting individual lives and communities. Rob is a graduate of Valley Leadership, Class 36. Learn more at

We're a management consulting firm serving small businesses, nonprofits, and churches. We believe there is no problem to big to solve or overcome. Offering strategic planning, financial, growth, and marketing consulting to organizations who are creating change in the world.