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We Make the Pieces Fit

Gliocas is the Gaelic word for “wisdom”— meaning to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way. We’re taking the wisdom we’ve gathered over decades of experience in the corporate world and offering it to small businesses, nonprofits, and churches.


Businesses need to stay one step ahead of the game in order to be relevant. That may mean keeping finances in order or establishing a stronger web presence. The team at Gliocas brings decades of business experience in startups, turnarounds, and scaling-up.


Nonprofits help create positive change in our communities and in the world, yet they face unique challenges. We’re experienced in fundraising, donor relations, strategic planning, nonprofit marketing and board development. Whatever the need, we help nonprofits so they can help others.


Each member of our team has professional and volunteer experience in faith-based leadership. This includes new church starts, reaching new people, capital campaigns, missional communities, new program development, interfaith relationships, marketing, strategic planning, and financial restructuring.

We're a management consulting firm serving small businesses, nonprofits, and churches. We believe there is no problem too big to solve or overcome. Offering strategic planning, financial, growth, and marketing consulting to organizations who are creating change in the world.